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In just 1 minute, you can get a spatial link XPAND Code that can be read from a distance of 200 metres / 700 feet!
With your idea, try to realize a new service that links urban spaces with smartphones.

Free of Charge

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49€ / Year

The Pro version is automatically renewed annually, but you can stop it from the control panel.
If you do not renew, the Pro version will be downgraded to the free version (with advertisements) after the expiration date.

Please check all of the following checkboxes

Payment information such as card number will be sent to "Stripe", a major payment service provider. Card information is not sent to us.

Pro plan subscribers can also use "RTL" for right-to-left languages such as Arabic, and "Pixel" for lower resolutions such as games and LED displays.
Please contact us if you are interested.
We also offer the "SDG4" plan, which is limited to the use of XPAND Code for educational purposes, and the "Enterprise" plan, which is designed for cases where large amounts of XPAND Code are required, such as smart cities, transport systems and giant shopping malls.
Please contact us for more information.

Read the XPAND Code Now!

No app installation is required. Launch it now from the QR code.
For older mobiles, check here.


Display content from a long distance

Even at crowded exhibitions, XPAND Codes can be read above people's heads. By checking out exhibit information on your smartphone first, you can use your time efficiently and avoid missing any interesting content.


More connected to sports

The XPAND Code connects smartphones with everything that makes up sports, including uniforms, equipment, and facilities in the stadium. You can also read the XPAND Code on TV broadcasts and photos, so you can get detailed information on player information, game progress, and stadium guidance.

Public transport

For safe and convenient public transportation

The XPAND Code directs information from traffic information signs and display boards to you via your smartphone. Information that is optimized for each user can be provided with multilingual and barrier-free support, so that safer, more secure and more convenient transportation can be realized.

  • XPAND Code
    Gratis (Free)

    "Gratis" can be used for free

    XPAND Code "Gratis" is a free XPAND Code.
    It is automatically generated from this website, so you have it instantly.
    The usage is the same as for QR code. Simply read it with an XPAND Code-enabled app and the smartphone content will be displayed.
    The XPAND Code that can be downloaded is in black and white PNG data only and the link cannot be changed. Modification is restricted, except for resizing.

  • XPAND Code

    "Pro" is suitable for small professional use

    The "Pro" plan is suitable for small professional use.
    You can easily pay and download it from this site.
    The downloadable XPAND Code is Adobe Illustrator-compatible SVG data, so it is of a quality that will stand up to professional use, such as signage and printed material.
    It is also possible to change the colour scheme and size using Illustrator.

  • XPAND Code
    Enterprise / SDG4

    Special Edition "Enterprise" & "SDG4"

    "Enterprise" is suitable when a large number of XPAND Codes are required, such as for smart cities, transportation, and huge shopping malls.
    In addition to the features of Pro, branding with the logo of the region, transportation, etc. is possible.
    Batch generation using CSV or generation/modification via API is also possible.

    "SDG4" is suitable if you want to use XPAND Codes for educational purposes.
    Please apply with at least 10 accounts.

    Please contact us for details on how to install and how much it will cost.

  • XPAND Code does not collect personal information!

    As a safe tool for public use

    We don't like marketing businesses that make full use of personal information.
    So, when the XPAND Code is read, the server only gets what is necessary for processing and operation. We only get the "HTTP Request Header" such as language and browser type, the source IP address, and the cookie identifier. The cookie is not, however, used to deliver ads or track users.
    This is an operating policy that applies to all XPAND Codes, regardless of whether they are free or paid versions.
    Unfortunately, we have no control over the collection of personal information in XPAND Code reading apps and content provided by other companies or the tracking done by ad serving platforms.
    However, the XPAND Code itself does not collect personal information, so XPAND Code installers and users who read the XPAND Code can choose how their personal information is used.
    In this way, we aim to make the tool safe to use for public purposes.
    See the official website for more information on XPAND Codes.

XPAND Code product comparison

Enterprise / SDG4
Price Free 49€ / year Individual quotation
PNG data (black / white)
SVG data (Adobe Illustraor compatible)
Change colour
XPAND Code Q (with QR code to launch the app)
NFT Linkage Functions Linking to pages such as OpenSea is possible.
Add group / company logo
Change link URL
Re-download XPAND Code data
Ad display exemption
Batch code generation using CSV
Generation / change by API
Combined use of XPAND and QR
Payment Credit card (Stripe) Individual consultation


For FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers), please visit XPAND Code Official Website.