Case Study


ISPO Munich 2020, Tokyo Pavilion

IFA Berlin 2019, Japan Pavilion

CEATEC 2019, Tokyo Business Frontier Pavilion


This is a long distance reading test conducted at Saitama Stadium 2002.
Reading was possible with a margin from a distance of 215m. It can be widely used not only in stadiums but also in electronic bulletin boards and digital signage in cities.
Of course, it can be read even when approaching, so the combination of XPAND code and QR code can cover the range from 10cm to 200m or more.

Filmtech 2018, Chiyoda Integre Booth

Passenger information system at the Obihiro bus terminal

Shinjuku Studio ALTA

Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2017, Nippon Signal Booth

XPAND code installation simulation