About Wow 3D Museum

The Wow3D Museum is a digital museum provided by XPAND KK under licence from the comprehensive biodiversity databases ffish.asia and floraZia.com.
All 3D data are "digital specimens" of actual organisms in data form, of a quality that can be used for morphological observation.
These 3D data can be freely downloaded from Sketchfab, subject to the terms of the Creative Commons.
A portion of the proceeds from related merchandise and other sales will be used to support the activities of ffish.asia and its license administrator, Kyushu Open University (QOU).


Why can't I enjoy 3D mode on the majority of exhibits on my device?
Read the XPAND Code on the authorised version of the Wow 3D Museum "Entrance" and you can enjoy all six museum exhibits.
Are the 3D data of the organisms computer graphics?
No, it is not. It is a digital specimen of an actual living organism photographed and converted into 3D. These are created and published by KANO Yuichi, a former associate professor at Kyushu University in Japan, and current Kyushu Open University (QOU) director and researcher, using his own research results "bio-photogrammetry" technology.
What is the cube next to the organism?
The size of the cube indicates 1 cm. The nine squares on each surface are colour samples, representing CMY, RGB, black, white and grey (50%). However, the way the colours look depends on the combination of device, display mode (2D/3D/AR), etc., and it should be considered as a colour reference.
Are the organisms displayed in AR the actual size?
No, they are resized to a size that is easier to observe. Resizing the cube so that it is 1 cm gives the actual size of the organism.
If there are two lines for the name of an organism, which is the correct name?
The italicised name is the scientific name. If there are two lines, the upper one is the common name in English.
Are the organisms displayed randomly?
The first four are displayed randomly. From the fifth onwards, the specimens are displayed in descending order based on the quality score of each model and the access status, starting with the highest rated.
How many specimens are on display?
At present, more than 1,300 specimens are on display.
I want to enjoy all exhibitions completely free of charge, is there a way?
You can enjoy the entire exhibition for free if you go to a shop, facility or friend's house where an authorised version of the Entrance has been installed and read the XPAND Code. This means that if you buy an authorised version of the Entrance and stick it in your shop, you may attract some visitors.