The XPAND.CODES Reader JS is a browser-based barcode reader which can read XPAND/QR/EAN/UPC codes.
Access your smartphone camera from the browser to read XPAND code, QR code, and EAN/UPC code.
You can install a multi-barcode reader on your website with ease by simply inserting a few lines of codes.

How to embed the code into the webpage

Operating environment

The XPAND.CODES Reader JS can be used in the following environments.
There is no need to install an application because this uses browser WebRTC technology.

iOS 11.3 or later + Safari
Android + Chrome 29 or later
PC + Firefox 22 or later

Sample code

The XPAND.CODES Reader JS starts up on all screens at the same time the page is loaded.

<!doctype html>
<html lang="ja">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
	<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    <title>XPAND.CODES Reader JS</title>
    <!-- XPAND.CODES Reader JS -->
    <div id="xpand_reader" data-xpd-siteid="UID-1234567890" data-xpd-author="XPAND K.K." data-xpd-appname="XPAND.CODES Reader JS" data-xpd-url="https://xpand.codes/" data-xpd-license="https://xpand.codes/readerjs-license.html"></div>
    <script src="https://xpand.codes/js_reader/xpandreader.js"></script>
    <!-- /XPAND.CODES Reader JS -->
  • Use the ID issued by the website for data-xpd-siteid
  • Do not make changes to other data-xpd-.

Sample code – Embedding to webpages

It is possible to embed the above reader page to an unspecified webpage.
Add the following HTML code to the webpage you would like to embed in order to set up the XPAND.CODES Reader JS in an unspecified area on the webpage.
The reader page file name is “xpand-reader.html” in this sample.

<iframe id="xpand_widget" width="300" height="300" src="xpand-reader.html"></iframe>
  • Do not change the id.
  • Set the width and height at 260 or more.

Applying for an ID

A website ID is necessary to use XPAND.CODES Reader JS.
Applying for an ID

About XPAND Code

XPAND Code is a tool which provides smooth access to the Internet from spatial linking.
Access is provided by reading the XPAND Code from your smartphone in the same manner as other services such as QR codes and EAN/UPC codes (product barcodes).
However, the major difference is that this was designed for optimal performance in space and signage.
The long horizontal slit shape enables reading from far away distances of 50m or more creating multifunctional space while blending into the urban background.

By displaying information from guide boards and signs with your smartphone, more information can be provided to users.
In addition, the information is displayed in different languages in accordance with the language settings on the smartphone allowing for smooth translation to multiple languages.
More information about the XPAND.CODES is available at our website.

Terms of Service

This is provided as a reference by automatic translation. Please refer to the Japanese version for original text.

XPAND.CODES Reaer JS (hereinafter referred to as “RJS”) is intended to provide an environment where multiple barcodes including XPAND Code can be read more easily, and is provided widely and free of charge.

Users of RJS,
-Administrators (hereinafter referred to as “site administrators”) of websites etc. (hereinafter referred to as “sites etc.”) that incorporate and use RJS
-It is divided into general users who use RJS from the site administrator’s site and use it (hereinafter referred to as “general users”).

Site administrators and general users (“users, etc.”) shall use RJS in accordance with these terms.
By using RJS, users, etc., are deemed to have agreed to all contents of this agreement.

This agreement may be revised as necessary. We will inform you about revision of the contract on this site.
Users who use RJS after announcement are deemed to have agreed to the revised terms.

Article 1 (Used by site administrator)
The site administrator can use RJS on the site etc. only when registering Site ID.

2 The site administrator who falls under the preceding paragraph can use RJS for free on the site etc.

Article 2 (Prohibition of use by site administrator)
If the usage mode of RJS corresponds to the following, Site ID is canceled and the site administrator can not use RJS.
(1) Use on sites that are contrary to laws and treaties of each country, or sites that may oppose each other
(2) Use on sites where false contents are registered
(3) Usage on sites that cause disadvantages to RJS and XPAND K.K (hereinafter “our company”), or sites where there is a possibility
(4) Use by methods other than the method provided by the Company (for example, distributing RJS on another server, modifying UI, etc.)
(5) Utilization by inappropriate methods, such as contravening public order and morals

2. In the event of falling under any of the items of the items of the preceding paragraph, the provisions of Article 1, paragraph 2 shall not apply. From the time it is applicable to the suspended use, we assume that the usage fee prescribed by our company is incurred, and damage corresponding to this will occur.

Article 3 (Intellectual Property Rights)
The intellectual property right of RJS belongs to the Company and other rights holders (“Rightsholders”).

Article 4 (Change etc.)
RJS may be updated, updated specifications, other updates, etc. at our discretion. Also, after being notified in advance, it may be paused or abolished.
Users regard them as having agreed in advance.

Article 5 (Exemption and responsibility to third parties)
Users shall use RJS under their own judgment and responsibility and we will not be responsible for any trouble or other troubles caused by the use.
In the event that the user damages the third party by using the RJS, we assume any responsibility for damage caused to the third party by the user etc.
In the event of a situation in which the Company responds to the damage caused to a third party, the user, etc. shall be liable for the full compensation of such costs etc.

Article 6 (Governing Law / Jurisdiction)
This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan, and in the event of a dispute with respect to the use of RJS, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of competent jurisdiction of the first instance.


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