About Us

About XPAND K.K.

This company was established for the development and operation of XPAND.CODES.
Its predecessor is the design company “Ginza Design of Communications Gsk”, which has worked on numerous traffic designs.
“XPAND.CODES” was created in order to realize a system that can link with smartphones from a distance without ruining the designs of signs and the scenery.
In order to popularize XPAND.CODES, XPAND K.K. was established in September, 2017, and conducted third-party allocation of shares in February 2018, strengthening the organization.
With the relocation and capital increase, the design consignment work of Ginza Design of Communications Gsk has also been integrated into XPAND K.K.

Company Profile

Ginza Fugetsudo Bldg. 5F, 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN

Marketing partners: Dubai, UAE / Bangalore, India

Established September 19th, 2017
Capital Stock and Capital Reserve 14 million yen

Our Design Achievements

Tokyo Metro, Keisei Electric Railway, Tobu Railway, Seibu Railway, Odakyu Electric Railway, Tokyu Corporation, Sotetsu Holdings, Inc., Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan, East Japan Railway Company, Central Japan Railway Company, Nagoya Railroad, Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya, Kintetsu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Keihan Electric Railway, Nankai Electric Railway, Sanyo Electric Railway, Osaka Metro, Kyoto city Transportation Bureau, Kobe City Transportation Bureau, Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau, Nishi-Nippon Railroad, Yurikamome Company, Tokyo Monorail, Hakone Tozan Railway, Enoshima Electric Railway, Hokuso-Railway, Chiba Urban Monorail, Kobe New Transit, Fukui Railway, Hiroshima Electric Railway, JR Bus Kanto, West JR Bus Company, Hato Bus, Osaka Airport Transport, and Tokyu Bus Corporation
and over 300 railway stations and bus terminals nationwide.
(This figure includes clients of our predecessor “Ginza Design of Communications Gsk” and projects that were not realized such as design competitions)


Board of Director NANMOKU Toworu (LinkedIn)
Founder CXO / Industrial Designer / Web Engineer
A member of Japan Industrial Designers’ Association
1st grade of Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management (Patent, Media contents, and Brand)
IPA Information Systems Security Administrator
Public Interest Activities Japan Industrial Designers’ Association Professional Committee
Center for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Association of Intellectual Property Education Policy Examination Working Group, etc.
Tochigi Industrial Promotion Center Registered Expert
*All concluded
Biography Graduated School of Law, Waseda University / Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering Division II, Tokyo University of Science, Joining Isuzu Motors Ltd., and Ginza Design of Communications Gsk before becoming founder CXO of XPAND K.K.

Our Timeline

June 1, 2000 Began operations in Utsunomiya-shi in Tochigi
July 2001 Opened a satellite office in Ginza, Tokyo
February 28, 2002 Corporate establishment (Magiche Gsk)
2002 Began official content distribution on au EZweb (operating Fotociclismo, and Italia Shobo EZ branch)
2006 Entered the railway sign design field in collaboration with Chuo Line, Osaka Metro Co., Ltd.
June 2009 Began managing a Flash-based digital signage program “Lxwall®”
August 2011 Developed (joint development) and released “EEL-001 (initial model) ”, an electric vehicle charger integrated into an LED street light. This received attention from (Trend Tamago, GIGAZINE, and other media outlets, and was invited to exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 2013 and others.
May 2012 Developed (joint development) and released “Lxwall Jacket”, a wooden digital signage cover. Awarded a special prize from Wood Utilization Competition.
October 2012 Relocated from Utsunomiya-shi to a new base in Ginza, Tokyo
January 2014 Developed (joint development) and released “EEL-011Λ”, a multi-purpose electric vehicle charger
May 2014 Opened a satellite office in NanJing XiLu, Shanghai Shi, China (contract concluded)
August 2015 Gave a sneak peak of XPAND.CODES (in its beta form) at Sign & Display Show 2015 in Tokyo Big Sight
February 29, 2016 Changed the trade name to Ginza Design of Communications Gsk
July 2016 Developed and released the “XPAND Sign”, a series of multilingual signs
August 2016 Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. released “New Destination Guidance Display”, designed by Ginza Design of Communications Gsk (Accepted for the IIID Award 2017)
August 2016 Released “XPAND.CODES”, a multilingual additional information solution designed specifically for signs
May 2017 Exhibited XPAND.CODES in booth of Nippon Signal Co., Ltd. at “UITP Summit 2017”, the world’s largest exhibition event for public signs
September 2017 Established “XPAND K.K.” Took over development, management, and other core duties of the XPAND.CODES business from Ginza Design of Communications Gsk.
November 2017 Exhibited XPAND.CODES in booth of Nippon Signal Co., Ltd. at “Railway Technology Exhibition”, Japan’s largest railway exhibition
February 2018 Conducted third-party allocation of shares with Higashimatsuyama fund.
Integrated Ginza Design of Communications Gsk’s XPAND.CODES-related business and design consignment work into XPAND K.K.
June 2018 XPAND.CODES was adopted as Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center’s supporting product.
Receive funds from Japan Finance Corporation under the Special System for the Funding of Ventures (capital loans).
August 2018 XPAND.CODES announced its collaboration with the bus location system of Unitrand Inc., and began operating service on signage displaying departure information for buses operated by Tokachi Bus at Obihiro Station Bus Terminal.
April 2019 A new reader app for iOS was released and successfully read from a distance of 215m/705ft in a demonstration test at Japan’s largest football stadium.
September 2019 Selected as an exhibitor in the IFA NETX Japan Pavilion by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and JETRO. The XPAND Code was unveiled for the first time in Berlin, Germany.
September 2019 Selected as a company for the Shenzhen Program of JETRO Intellectual Property Utilization Business Support Project (JIP) in China. We were supported by teams from Shenzhen Tsinghua University and others.
October 2019 Selected for JETRO’s Startup Mission and participated in “Tech in Asia“. The XPAND Code was unveiled for the first time in Jakarta, Indonesia.
October 2019 Selected as a Tokyo Business Frontier exhibitor at the CEATEC by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Development Corporation, and other organizations. This is the first time that XPAND Code has exhibited independently at a large scale exhibition in Japan.
January 2020 Selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as an exhibitor in the Tokyo Pavilion at ISPO Munich. In Munich, Germany, the use of the XPAND Code for sports is appealed.